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New Water honey is raw, unfiltered and so nutritious.

We’re encouraged that we are frequently told that our honey is the best people have ever tried. Below, read what a frequent customer and dear friend of New Water has to say:

Years ago someone told me to put honey in my coffee rather than sugar or some sweetener.  I started that practice and have been faithful to it.  I then learned about the wonderful honey offered by New Water Farms.  It has become a staple part of my coffee experience every morning for the past few years.  The honey is excellent.

It is also important because it is a reminder to me to pray for Dr. Chris Harmon and all the staff who are involved with this great ministry.  At my age I need a little help remembering things, and putting that honey in my cup every morning reminds me to pray for some great people.

I am not sure medically that honey will help enhance your memory, but I do know that putting it in my cup is a good reminder for me.  If you have trouble remembering to pray for someone, get some of that wonderful honey and remember!

All profits from the sale of New Water Farms honey supports New Water Ministries.

If you would like to stock New Water Farms products in your grocery store, please contact Jeff Pierce. (205) 563-9493 or jeff@newwater.com