Sidsidneyney Hancock
Farm Manager

Sidney Hancock grew up on Lake Martin, and her hobbies include water sports, traveling, reading, gardening, and playing with her dog, Reese. While attending Auburn University, she completed her summer internship at New Water Farms. Sidney graduated in December 2015 with a horticulture degree in Fruit and Vegetable Production.









Callan Freese
Assistant Farm Manager

Callan is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and is a recent graduate from Auburn University with a B.S. in Horticulture and a concentration in Fruit and Vegetable Production. During her time at Auburn, she worked as an intern for Auburn’s Community Garden, where she truly discovered her love for agriculture and community development. She is very passionate about traveling, riding her horses, meeting new people and eating good food. Her biggest dream is to join the Peace Corps to continue her education and hopefully help others learn how to grow their own food one day!




Richard Jannet
Facilities Manager

Leslie Culpepper
Event Manager

Caroline Harmon


Micah Simpson
Art Director

New Orleans is a fantastic place for exposure to culture, food, and art!  Spending the first 17 years of my life in New Orleans influenced me far more than I realized.  Not only do I have an eternal fondness for insanely spicy food, but I also developed a passion for making art.

During the junior year of my accounting degree I saw glassblowing for the first time.  I was instantly addicted. I would spend large chunks of my free time in the studio, learning everything I could about the craft.  Upon completing my accounting degree I returned to pursue a degree in art with a concentration in glass.

Just before completing my art degree, I moved to Birmingham.  I attended Beeson Divinity School, which is where I earned my Master’s of Divinity.  While working on my Master’s I served as the lead cold-work technician for Bear Creek Glass Studios.

I still live in Birmingham with my wife Heather and our son.   My passion for art and glass has never waned.  I still make time to blow glass and do fine woodworking.  I love the setup I have now!  Because I am not tied to glass sales as my primary income, I am able to take the time to create pieces that are meaningful to me.

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